Planning Your Wedding


Choosing music for your special day is no small feat. There are so many options it can feel overwhelming. Whether you're planning a quiet intimate gathering or a blow out party, I offer a variety of options to mix and match and help to create an amazing event. 

My ever expanding list of cover tunes has almost 300 songs to choose from spanning many genres and eras - Check it out!

Don't see your favorite? No worries, included in your wedding package is one song of your choice added to my repertoire. (some restrictions may apply)


Below I will outline for you all the services I offer to enhance your wedding day.
**PLEASE NOTE: I happily provide equality of services to everyone, regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation** :)

~Wedding Information~


With the perfect mix of ambience and entertainment I will set up my PA off to the side (somewhere close to a power supply) and perform some soft background music about 30 minutes before your ceremony as guests begin to arrive.  When I get the cue I will start the processional song of your choice as you enter and walk down the isle. Some couples choose for a song to be played during the service and then I'll end with a recessional song. I can perform live for the ceremony and/or play prerecorded music by the original artist as well if you prefer. Given 90 days notice, I will learn one special song of your choice. I can also amplify the officiant with a wireless lavaliere mic so he/she can be heard better, and provide a handheld wireless mic for any readings.  


Want your ceremony off the beaten path? No problem! I have a quiet 2000-watt Honda generator that will provide all the power needed in any location.



FEE RANGE: $500-$850


Cocktail Hour

Many wedding clients choose to have a cocktail hour before the reception starts (most often while pictures are being taken). This is where my style of music fits in particularly well. For most weddings, the cocktail hour is generally in another location therefore I will set up an additional PA beforehand so there is no lag time and I can seamlessly keep the music going.


Here I will play more background music as guests mingle. I always strive to keep my volume level at the point where I can be heard well, yet never intrude on conversation. I love providing background music for any and all occasions and I do my best to keep the music flowing never waiting for (or expecting) applause. Time and time again patrons approach me to express how much they are enjoying my music while they are still able to chat. 


FEE RANGE: $550-$800


Love the idea of live music but not looking for a whole band? I have plenty to offer for a fun casual reception experience. From wedding party introductions to the bouquet toss, together we will create a plan and build your perfect event from start to finish. Utilizing guitar/vocal effect pedals, I take many of my tunes to the next level creating beats, loops and added harmonies which gives my music a fuller sound.  For a typical 4 hour reception I will play throughout the event taking a couple breaks. During this time I'll keep the music going filling in as your personal DJ. This is the perfect opportunity to hear some of your favorite tunes that are maybe not in my repertoire. Together we will create your ultimate wedding day playlist.

If you prefer, I can also end the night as DJ, keeping the dance floor packed with all the classic party hits.



Whatever your style, I would love to work with you to create your perfect day.


FEE RANGE: $850-$1800


My passion is making your wedding truly amazing and this is what sets me apart from your average bar musician. I take the time to get to know my clients and work with them to create a plan so everything runs smoothly on their big day. Through years of hands on experience, I know what works, what doesn't, and which questions to ask. I am a career musician with a BA in music education and I ran a Music Together center in Williamsburg for 10 years (music classes for young kids). Unlike most professionals in my field, I do not write my own music, my goal is not to sell that music, and I have no desire to become famous. Instead, I focus all my energy into working hard to make your event the best it can be and fight to reverse that "flaky musician" sterotype. 


I also have a great passion to make your wedding SOUND amazing too and I have invested in the best professional gear this business has to offer (it really does make a difference).  I've recently doubled my gear and can tackle any situation that is set forth. 


Ceremony & Cocktail Hour: 

Artist sets up in one location

                                                FEE: $880 - $1250


Ceremony & Cocktail Hour:

Artist sets up in two locations

                                                 FEE: $1080 - $1450





Ceremony, Cocktail Hour & Reception: 

Artist sets up in one location

                                                FEE: $1650 - $1800


Ceremony, Cocktail Hour & Reception:

Artist sets up in two locations

                                                 FEE: $2050 - $2500


Please contact me for an individualized quote  

There are many factors that determine my fees, the most important being distance to travel and the specific day/time. Package deals can be worked out!

Answering as many of the following questions as possible will be helpful:


  • Where will your wedding be held? (Town & venue/address)

  • What day and time is your wedding?  (If you're not sure of the exact date, the day of the week is still helpful)

  • Would you like music for your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception? (choose 1, 2 or all 3)

  • If more than one service desired please indicate how many location changes will there be and approximately how far are the locations from one another? (keep in mind I would need to set up in more than one location if I would be more than 30/40 feet from the guests therefore even if your entire wedding is at the same venue, often I would need to move my location) 

  • Is any part of your wedding outside?  Do you have a rain plan? (Keep in mind I require protection from the sun in temperatures above 70ºF and an additional heat source if under 55ºF)

  • Do you (or will you) have a wedding planner?

  • For your ceremony would you like me to provide a lavaliere mic for your officiant or a handheld mic for readings or speeches?

  • RECEPTION: Would you like any special dances, speeches, bouquet toss/garter belt, cake cutting - anything you can think of, let me know!

  • Have you considered what your entertainment budget is?


Not sure?  Depends on the cost?  Share with me your vision and I will send you an itemized quote where you can pick and choose!  

Feel free to email or call- 757.784.0080



Click here for specific wedding song suggestions from my repetoire


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