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In Music Together Mixed Ages classes for children ages 0-5 and their families, everyone learns and experiences the joy of music making:

  • Babies learn by listening, watching, and exploring

  • Toddlers learn by observing, playing, and experimenting

  • Preschoolers learn by becoming role models and leaders

  • Parents learn how to support their child's music development!​



We believe music is an essential ingredient in human development that enriches childhood life and fosters lifelong
community and family connection. Many people think that music is best left to be taught in school or by a private instrumental teacher, but families who enthusiastically make music together give children an amazing gift—a lifelong love of music.



Before a child learns to read, they develop the ability to understand words and to speak. Similarly, children can develop basic music competence—singing in tune and moving in time—before learning how to play an instrument. Our curriculum and materials help you support your children in developing these skills, even if you have no musical background!



Music Together's nine, unique song collections are the cornerstone of our program. Families love to sing, dance, and jam along to music that doesn't sound "kiddy."  Each ten-week semester features a different song collection. A family participating in all nine song collections will learn over two hundred songs!



While Music Together classes are designed to help children achieve basic music competence, our classes also support children’s development in other ways:
Language development
Social and emotional development
Physical and motor development

RVA Music for Kids

Music Together classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their families in Richmond, VA

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